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Welcome to my web page! :)

I created this to have all my freelance work in one place.


I have to be honest, writing about who I am is turning out to be more challenging than I expected. I consider myself to be quite reserved, so here's me trying.

Working at a young age has definitely influenced me in having a "career driven" focus in life. I always find myself juggling crafts, as you can see from this website (actor, photographer, and filmmaker lol). Additionally, I try to find humour in things, life should be enjoyed, don't you think?

I always aim for the stars, regardless of what people think, and I always try to be positive. Even during the darkest times, I try to turn that into a productive one, this website was created during the COVID19 pandemic, whilst social distancing. 

In brief, I'm just someone who aspires to have the opportunity to fully serve the art of acting. And if that ends up inspiring others, then my mission in life will be a successful one.

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My story with Vancouver started in 2012, it's a long, eventful story that I will leave for another day....but here's a snippet (taster) to give you an idea of how my story played out.

The first time I visited, I was on a 6-month working visa. After a month of living in Vancouver, I saw a Craigslist ad by a background agency looking to sign on new clients, so I went for it! I know! The agency turned out to be a legitimate BG agency. Because of them, I ended up working on several sets in the next two months, which in turn ended up being the catalyst that sent me on my creative journey. 

Curious about this amazing craft, I decided to take an acting class, before my visa expired and I would have to go home. Fate would have it that, after my class ended, that acting school agreed to sponsor me! So, you know, I stuck around. Who am I to argue with fate. This stay led me to meet a lot of actors in the industry. Some of whom I trained with, some became roommates, and some I dated! Oh, wait, forget that part..I also met people in casting, directors, producers, and online casting platforms, all of whom gave me invaluable knowledge into their side of the business. This fuelled my desire to be a part of this art form.

This passion led me to fly to England to study performing arts, whilst waiting to receive a different visa, one that would potentially allow me to settle in Vancouver. Spoiler alert, I got it! After a year of working towards my permanent residency, I manage to sign up with an agency and start auditioning! My very first audition, I blanked out. I forgot every single word in my two lines while I was standing in front of the camera lol You've got to make mistakes if you want to learn though, right? Lesson learned lol The very first union set I was on as cast was Riverdale, that was very exciting, I still get people from all over the world send me screenshots of me in that show. My 3 seconds of glory! I booked more things, but you can see that on IMDb. 

From the very start in background, my main focus has been to train, learn as much as possible about the craft, and go "all in" and see where it takes me. So far, I'm alone, broke, and living with five cats...just kidding! lol 

I'm a work in progress.




An Actor is someone who convinces themselves of living an imaginary life, one that they are not afraid to commit to and explore.


A Photographer is a person who captures light that shined in the past. They are the ones in charge of capturing the beauty of life.


2 channels: Andrea Rosolia & Dudes Try! They're both unique, but very similar too. Both push me out of mycomfort zone and both challenge my creativity

"Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way"

Allan Watts


Thanks for stopping by!


Interested in acquiring my services in front of the camera, contact my awesome agent Corey (below).

For everything else, fill out a form and sent it my way! 



Corey Menzies

+1 604-734-0003 Ext. 5

Andrea Rosolia Actor Photographer Vancou

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