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I'm truly fortunate that I'm able to even consider acting as a career. As such, I do not take any of this for granted. On the contrary, I feel a need to grow, to improve, and to hopefully inspire other people to follow their dreams.

Performers will never be satisfied with their work. That's what drives me on continuously taking acting classes, workshops, and private coaching. The work never stops, but that's part of the fun :)

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Andrea Rosolia Peelers
Andrea Rosolia Thoughts and Prayers
Andrea Rosolia Actor Photographer Vancou
Andrea Rosolia Elf Warrior
Andrea Rosolia Thoughts and Prayers
Andrea Rosolia Riverdale
Andrea Rosolia The Story of Us
Andrea Rosolia Actor Photographer Vancou


To explore different characters is a blessing. The journey in finding him, the challenge of making him three dimensional, and to be able to play with other fellow performers is such a blessing. Being an actor has also helped me learn about people and their behaviours. This has definitely made me a better person :)

The COVID19 pandemic in 2020 put the world on hold. I was training and preparing for multiple live performances in April which I was never able to showcase. This is a part of a monologue in my scene from the play THE SHADOW BOX.

Backstory: Now living in a hospice, as my lover is in terminally ill, I open up to his ex wife.


This makes me laugh every time. I shot this short film awhile back and, although in the short this is not the song that's used, I had to show you guys this version of the clip. Sit back and enjoy, and please keep the love letters to a minimum thank you very much lol

For any info and inquiries please contact my agent directly He's always up to date with my schedule and knows how to get hold of me.

No matter the size and budget of the your project, please contact Corey. 
He's a nice guy, and I promise he won't bite. He'll be more than happy to discuss options with you.

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